Cold Wet Bloke Rides Again

So as it stands it’s one-nil to The Sea, or to the English Channel to be precise, but I’m ready to even the score. Three years ago I tried to swim from England to France but my attempt was unsuccessful and I was pulled out after twelve and a half hours suffering from Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE).

And The Taper Begins

I aimed to do my longest training swim around five weeks before my Channel window opened. Not all prospective Channel swimmers do an 8 or 10-hour swim but if you can pull one off it’s a great confidence booster.

Weymouth to Bat’s Head

I’ve swum to Bat’s Head before but always from Durdle Door so it was nice to get a new angle on it. Only a month to go before my Channel window opens and I decided it was time for an 8-hour duration swim.

Six Hour Channel Qualifier. Tick.

After you’ve decided you want to swim the Channel you need to find a pilot, train like mad, find a crew, train some more and then do some more training.

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