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Cold Wet Bloke Rides Again

So as it stands it’s one-nil to The Sea, or to the English Channel to be precise, but I’m ready to even the score. Three years ago I tried to swim from England to France but my attempt was unsuccessful and I was pulled out after twelve and a half hours suffering from Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE).

And The Taper Begins

I aimed to do my longest training swim around five weeks before my Channel window opened. Not all prospective Channel swimmers do an 8 or 10-hour swim but if you can pull one off it’s a great confidence booster.

Weymouth to Bat’s Head

I’ve swum to Bat’s Head before but always from Durdle Door so it was nice to get a new angle on it. Only a month to go before my Channel window opens and I decided it was time for an 8-hour duration swim.

Six Hour Channel Qualifier. Tick.

After you’ve decided you want to swim the Channel you need to find a pilot, train like mad, find a crew, train some more and then do some more training.

Fisherman’s Walk to Boscombe Pier

Just 94 days to go before my Channel swim so time for the first swim of the season from Fisherman’s Walk Zig Zag to Boscombe Pier and back, around 3.8km.

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