News and reviews of swimming events and races

Vidösternsimmet race start

Swimming the Vidösternsimmet

This year’s summer hols incorporated a plan to swim the length of Lake Vidöstern in Southern Sweden by competing in the Vidösternsimmet, billed as Sweden’s longest and toughest open water swim race.

Seahorse Swim 2017 At Knoll Beach

The 2017 Seahorse Swim was possibly the best one yet. Great weather and a calm sea greeted participants at the beautiful Knoll Beach near Studland.

2Swim4Life at Guildford Lido

Normally swimming pool sessions are more or less the same. Some amusement is found by swimming against the clock, observing small clouds of phlegm left by previous swimmers or counting the amount of hairbands and plasters that collect on the bottom. I treat pools as a necessary evil that I use to train to swim better, longer and faster in open water.

Bude Sea Pool Channel Challenge

Bude Sea Pool didn’t appear to exist when we arrived. Stormy seas and the high tide meant surf was breaking over the surrounding rocks and into the pool

Channel Swim Abandoned Due To SIPE

Well that didn’t go to plan. Instead of recovering from a celebratory Babycham in the White Horse in Dover I found myself in a hospital bed in Ashford on Sunday morning. My attempt to swim the English Channel had been foiled in French inshore waters by Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE). I’d been airlifted from my support boat and was in a resuss bed.

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