First One Hour Sea Swim Of The Year

A bit of a milestone day as I officially kicked off my long distance open water season and logged my first one-hour swim of the year. The sea was cold at around 9ºC but the sun was shining and air temperature good for the time of year. I swam the 3.2km at Fisherman's Walk in Southbourne with top friends from the "Just Swim" group.

Not that I'm counting or anything but I now have 15 weeks to go until the window opens for my English Channel crossing. Training over this winter has consisted of swimming 20-25km a week in the pool in Salisbury with one cold water sea swim a week at Fisherman's Walk. Winter pool training is mainly for endurance and technique. As the sea begins to warm up the emphasis in the pool will change slightly to focus more on speed, strength and technique training as more and more endurance training can take place in open water.

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