Sea Donkey: A North Channel Swim

Watching "Sea Donkey" would be a great place to start for anyone taking on a major endurance challenge. The film documents one man's attempt to swim the formidable North Channel, a swim that was regarded as impossible before it was first conquered in 1947. Although it's about the same distance as an English Channel swim, the sea temperature is significantly lower, and there are thousands of mainly unavoidable Lions Mane Jellyfish.

The inspirational story of an ordinary man’s attempt to swim from Northern Ireland to Scotland - probably the most brutal open water swimming challenge in the world. Taking on sea temperatures at the limit of human endurance and braving the sting of the formidable Lion’s Mane jellyfish, forty something Adrian Sarchet faces the 19 miles of misery that is the North Channel.

This film is about Adrian's journey to swim the North Channel. But many of the points he raises are relevant to other Channel Swims and even other kinds of major challenges. One thing that will strike a chord with many is the need to incorporate training into your lifestyle. It's so important to maintain a good work / family / training balance. There's probably no such thing as a solo channel swim. Behind every solo attempt there's a team helping out and family supporting and maybe making sacrifices as well.

Sea Donkey is beautifully shot and is captivating and inspiring from start to finish. A must see film for swimmers, armchair swimmers and even non swimming (and possibly long suffering) families.

Cold Wet Star rating 5/5

You can find out more on the Sea Donkey website and can rent or buy on Vimeo.


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