Swimming Spots

Useful information about open water and wild swimming beaches, spots and locations.

Classic Durdle Door

A 1km winter swim at Durdle Door refreshes the parts that other swims under natural limestone arches can’t reach.

2Swim4Life at Guildford Lido

Normally swimming pool sessions are more or less the same. Some amusement is found by swimming against the clock, observing small clouds of phlegm left by previous swimmers or counting the amount of hairbands and plasters that collect on the bottom. I treat pools as a necessary evil that I use to train to swim better, longer and faster in open water.

Bude Sea Pool Channel Challenge

Bude Sea Pool didn’t appear to exist when we arrived. Stormy seas and the high tide meant surf was breaking over the surrounding rocks and into the pool

Weymouth 6 Hour Swim

Six Hour Swim Weymouth, May 28th

The alarm went off. It was 5:30am. It was a Saturday. Most people’s alarms don’t do that. Most people don’t set their alarms at all at the weekend. Anyone with half an ounce of sense is doing their best to stay asleep before they have to confront the day ahead, hopefully with a well deserved hangover.

Swimming at Worbarrow Bay

A trip to Worbarrow Bay is a fantastic day as you can combine a beautiful swim with a visit to the deserted village of Tyneham.

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