Long Distance

Long Distance and marathon swimming

Weymouth 6 Hour Swim

Six Hour Swim Weymouth, May 28th

The alarm went off. It was 5:30am. It was a Saturday. Most people’s alarms don’t do that. Most people don’t set their alarms at all at the weekend. Anyone with half an ounce of sense is doing their best to stay asleep before they have to confront the day ahead, hopefully with a well deserved hangover.


Four Hour Swim Day

Today’s target was to do a 4 hour swim. Conditions at Shore Rd first thing this morning were pretty miserable. It was one of those grey rainy days – one of those days much better seen through my bedroom window with a cup of tea.

Shore Rd by Sally Bird

First 10km Marathon Swim of the Season

First 10km marathon swim of the season today! I completed the Shore Rd – Bournemouth Pier – Sandbanks – Shore Rd swim in around 3 hours 30 mins. The pace was a little slower than I’d hoped for although conditions weren’t ideal as the first half of the swim was against the wind.

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